Types of Themes

Dream Planners provide arrangements of flowers in different theme wise category like silk flowers and bouquets offer an alternative to traditional wedding flowers. It is important when designing your wedding experience that you carry a theme throughout a entire day and one of the best way to do this is with your floral arrangements. Wedding Theme Decoration is not a easy task. Dream Planners arrange a Wedding Theme like Jaimal Themes, Lotus Theme, Kundan Theme, Bollywood Theme.

1. Create Theme

  • MARIGOLD Theme

  • LOTUS Theme

  • PEACOCK Theme

  • RAJWARA Theme

  • CORAL Theme

  • CRYSTAL Theme


  1. Theme in your budget

    3. Flower Decoration

    4. Color Matching

    5. Gate Decoration

    6. Stage Decoration

    7. Mandap Decoration

    8. Lighting

    9. Mention Theme

    10. Stage of Art Sound

    11. Seating Arrangement